The first water symposium took place 25 years ago and at that time no one would believe that this would be the worlds largest forum and event to tackle the water challenges that are lying ahead of us. Today, water is a common challenge that is discussed in all media all around the world. We can not take a steady water supply for granted. The millenium development goals related to water was reached five years ahead of schedule, however there is still much left to be done.

150 years ago many didn’t have access to water. In 1927 the swimming competition in Stockholm was canceled due to the danger of swimming in the water. Stockholm should be Climate Neutral 2030 and fossil fuel free by 2050. Key to success consensus based policy making.

Water is key for growth and development and to innovation is the key to find new sustainable solutions for water management and preservation. The poorest and most vulnerable are the ones most affected by lack of water and clean water. We all have one thing in common, we can not live without water.

Main speakers during the inauguration, sharing their perspectives, experiences and visions:

  • Mr. Stefan Löfven – Prime Minister of Sweden
  • Ms. Karin Wanngård – Mayor of Stockholm
  • Mr. Christopher J. Loeak – President Marchall Island
  • Dr. Abdulla Ensour – Prime minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Mr. Rajendra Singh – Stockholm Water Price Winner

On Sunday Mattias Klum gave a spectacular presentation with images illustrating the beautiful nature and water, explicitly showing what challenges that lies ahead when it comes to water as one main source of life.