Many showed up when Maria Rankka, Managing Director, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Chairman Michael Wolf presented “Boosting the Capital,” Program for the Future. Major changes in the world are demanding change and development in Stockholm – Bigger, faster, joyful: That is how Stockholm will grow.

It is important that Stockholm continues to be a city that promotes startups, corporations and other organizations in both the private and public sectors.

Stockholm is the city in Europe with the fastest growth, and the city will grow by 800 000 inhabitants before 2030. Therefore the improvement and construction of infrastructure and housing is essential.

It is important that Stockholm is a joyful town. Today’s inhabitants does not care about work-life balance, but also the possibility to have fun in their daily lives both at work and play, regardless of age.

Below is a brief summary and for additional information download Boosting the Capital or visit Stockholm Chamber of Commerce:

Progress since 2012

  • Stockholm bypass link in progress
  • Increased supply of subleased apartments
  • Pilot projects with programming in school
  • 12 new intercontinental direct routes
  • More food trucks
  • Rail Cross Connection reinforced
  • Ten new stations and 78 000 new homes
  • Arlanda modern environmental permit
  • Congestion tax finances the region’s infrastructure
  • Bromma airport future investigated
  • Etc

Boosting the Capital main areas:


  • Chamber of Commerce agrees with Bokriskommittén
  • Infrastructure Investments: rail, road, air, bicycle
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Startup city of culture


  • Labor migration
  • One of Europe’s top five financial centers in 2020
  • Free trade and investment protection
  • Education
  • English as ‘official language’
  • Stockholm has their own Minister for Trade and Foreign Affairs


  • Programming in schools
  • Open for new digital solutions and business models
  • Digital FTA