There are many possibilities with the number of skilled and motivated migrants that come to Sweden and Europe. Naturally there are many challenges and those we’ve heard so much about, but the important thing is to seize the opportunities for mutual understanding and development. Many people are often highly educated, has a drive and enthusiasm as well as a historical/cultural backgrounds that can contribute a lot to our workplaces. Many opportunities are there to be captured as long as we have the right attitude and the willingness to help and to understand.

Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg gave an initial introduction to the seminar. He told a story about the Swedish Migration Agency’s briefing to Åre’s residents regarding the refugee camp, which is one of the largest refugee camps in Sweden. The Swedish Migration Agency informed of the changes and the potential challenges that would come when the large number of migrants came to Åre. After a while of information on a less positive note, the inhabitants themselves started to come up with ideas on how they can contribute and help this newly arrived labor force and with new skills to integrate. The residents saw the potential and wanted to help.

ICA and Swedbank has long worked with internships for people who need to enter the labor market, both people with Swedish and foreign background. It has been very positive, both to get new skills and insights to their own organizations and it has also resulted in employment either in their own companies or other companies.

When Lisa Gunnarsson, Head of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn Sweden and Katarina Berg, Chief Human Resource Officer at Spoitfy met at a seminar, Katarina saw how LinkedIn’s #Welcometalent initiative match Spotify’s goal to find new talent while contributing to integration.

Arbetsförmedlingen was also represented and presented how they also work as an agency to quickly deal with the increasing number of job seekers. They make the assessment of whether a person and businesses are eligible for an apprenticeship and what the formal requirements are. Arbetsförmedlingen have people who will assist talents and companies in the process, contact your closest Arbetsförmedling.

People who come to Sweden and Europe often possess knowledge and networks that can help companies in their internationalization process. They help us to understand the business culture and the needs that arise in new markets that are not as structured and built on the same advanced infrastructure, as in Europe. The development goes fast when they leapfrog steps in the development, such as why have fixed broadband when modern Telecom networks provide mobile Internet that almost has the same capacity, who says banks have monopoly on financial products and services, look how FinTech services have developed. Getting co-workers who have different approaches and competencies fosters development and innovation.

Tick ​​Tock Consulting will explore possibilities to help these migrants with work experience if possible. Give them the opportunity to work with an international team from Sweden, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

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Welcome Talent makes it easy for you to find the right talent among people who are seeking asylum or a residence permit in Sweden.