The Star Methodology

We do not want to make the improvement more complex than it is. Most people know what needs to be done. The challenge is the execution and implementation. Focused endurance is required to reach the star you are aiming for. This is valid for most goals, regardless if it is a company’s strategic and operational goals or specific for a department, project or individual. There are often room for improvement in any of the following areas:

Vision & Goal

What is the company’s vision, what’s your contribution in your products’/services’ value chain? Better yet, if you see your vision based on your contribution to both local and global business and society. How simple and appealing have you described the vision? Does it attract and engage the right employees and customers?

Have you clearly defined the business’ goals and objectives? Will goal achievement leave a footprint in your vision. How are the goals and objectives communicated and adapted throughout the organization? In reality it is the co-workers who operate the business and therefore it is important to have goals on an individual level. Vision is equally important whether it concerns overall company goals, or a smaller project’s, group’s/department’s goals. Everyone wants to feel that they are contributing to the vision and goal.


Have you decided on which strategy to execute to accelerate growth and improve profitability. Which customers have the greatest need of your products/services? In which country is the greatest opportunities for growth? Will profitability improve by relocating production, both of physical products and services?


Employees: Does the employees have the right skills, dedication and motivation to reach the goals and objectives? How do you work systematically with the development of employees?

Organization and processes: Is your organization and operational processes tailored to reach the goals and implement the strategy. Are clear, simple and customized customer relationship management processes and methodologies in place. Does it facilitate dialogue with customers and streamline the sales process. Is the business tailored to capture new opportunities in new markets.

Technology: What systems are in place to facilitate the sales work. Are these in line with the company’s customer relationship management processes and methodology. How well are these integrated with other parts of the company to minimize the risk of bottlenecks.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock Consulting is the extra fuel that can help you reach your star faster. It is important to understand that the objective of the methodology is to identify areas where improvement or gaps exist. Thereafter the change and implementation will take place and the specific business areas are improved.