We are continuing with our Micro financing via Kiva.org, supporting women around the world to start, develop and expand their businesses. The purpose is to strengthen women’s position in the family and society. It enables them to better support themselves and their families.

  • 208 women
  • 44 countries
  • 5200$ Total

Customers, partners, colleagues and friends we also want to say that it’s been great working with you on a number of projects during the autumn. We appreciate your openness and willingness to work in new modern ways, making the most out of technology and combining it with our market insights. It has enabled us to be very flexible in our project models and ensure you get very high quality with quick return on investment.


Projects we are working on:

  • Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand
    • Distributor search in for a Swedish pharmaceutical company operating in more than 30 countries.
  • Indonesia and Vietnam
    • Market analysis for a Finish industrial equipment company with global operations.
    • Business opportunity scouting and stakeholder mapping for a European engineering consultancy company within the transportation industry and operations in Asia, Middle East and Europe.
  • Vietnam
    • Manufacturer search for a Swedish children’s toy company with global sales.
    • Establishment advice and human resource advice to a European Head Hunting Company.
  • Sweden
    • Full Marketing and Business Development support in the nordics to a global law firm.
    • Education & inspiration:
      • Business opportunities and entry strategies in Southeast Asia
      • Mindful management in today’s leadership


Team Tick Tock Consulting is very proud and happy with the success of these first 4-5 months of full operation. We are starting representation in Thailand in January and shortly in other countries in Southeast Asia as well as we are looking at middle east.

If you wish to have more information about our projects or how we can support you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We speed up the process and help you on your business development and internationalisation journey!

Thanks from team Tick Tock Consulting!

Thai Ha Vu – Lydia Rudtio – Peter Cederholm


The Picture – Artesanas De Chontala Group (to find out more, visit Kiva.org)

In the area of Chontala, a small community high up in the mountains of Central Guatemala outside of the city of Chichicastenango, live these ten ladies, who form the trust bank “Artesanas de Chontala,” or “Artisans of Chontala.” Chichicastenango is an indigenous K’iche city, famous for its huge market and adherence to its deep-rooted cultural traditions. Some of the Artesanas de Chontala were able to study through primary school. All of the women are very happy working with Friendship Bridge learning useful information about business management, which gives them the tools they need to invest their credit wisely and see the resulting growth that comes in their businesses and families.