Todays connectivity challenges your management capability! Get the additional tools and insights to improve!

Being constantly connected and have an excess flow of information is increasing the challenges managers and leaders face. We create systems and methods to help us priorities and focus. Is that enough and is it the right way? Are there other ways to improve your management and leadership skills?

Cordial Business Advisers was arranging an event for their partners and customers on the concept of Business Experience Camp which gives insights and tools necessary to boost the individual’s capability to lead themselves and others to the next level. Tick Tock Consulting and Peter Cederholm was asked to develop a workshop on the theme Mindful ”Personal” Management based on experience from working in various countries, cultures and primarily sharing personal development knowledge from spending 26 days in silence at a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

“Peter gave an inspiring and fun perspective on how challenging oneself leads to insights and possibilities for personal development. Peter’s experience in the temple triggers interesting questions and a base for further dialogue in the theme of Mindful “Personal Management.”
Alexander Novella, Senior Manager at Cordial Business Advisers.


Mindful Personal Management

Mindful Management, both in your personal and professional life, is becoming more and more important. Creating an awareness of how our mind works and establish a mindfulness in our day to day life will increase our capabilities to manage both work and leisure! Developing these skills is within everyones reach and not complicated in itself.

The workshop is inspirational in its character and includes:

  • Management challenges in a connected world
  • Framework for management and personal development
  • Insight stories from a Buddhist temple
  • The development of Mindful Management from 26 days of silence
  • Practical exercises to use at work and at home to develop Mindful Management
  • Educational in a fun way

If you are interested in finding out more and how we can develop a workshop for your employees, customers, partners and friends. Please contact us!

One way to amplify yourself – Mindful Management!