#StockholmTech startup is fun, inspirational and a great networking opportunity. This time there were three startups pitching their ideas to Tyler Crowley, the organizer, and Klarna Deputy CEO Knut Frängsmyr. The winner was lunchback “Lunchback connects you with those who can help for a price of lunch”, download the app and try it out.

There were discussions around remuneration models to attract qualified personell to startups without having a fixed salary, but rather a stock option program. This has an impact on the ability to get working permits and the procedures around that. Migrationsverket’s Nina Johansson and Folk Party’s Mathias Sundin gave the legal and political perspective on international expats ability to work in Sweden and particularly with start-ups.

Star-ups often make mistakes in the formal procedures and adhering to the regulations. Large companies and organisations usually have an HR department that can help with international mobility, which is a challenge for start-ups. Also, the current procedures are there to protect those who are abused in the system and all companies needs to follow the same rules and laws. Therefore it is important to be thorough in the process of applying to a working permit and consult with the authorities and advisors.