We are continuing with our Micro financing via Kiva.org, supporting women around the world to start, develop and expand their businesses. The purpose is to strengthen women’s position in the family and society. It enables them to better support themselves and their families.

  • 307 loans to women
  • 52 countries
  • 7675$ Total loan

Customers, partners, colleagues and friends we also want to say that it’s been great working with you on a number of projects during 2017. We appreciate your openness and willingness to work in new modern ways, making the most out of technology and combining it with our market insights and business development skills. It has enabled us to be very flexible in our project models and ensure you get very high quality with quick return on investment.

For those of you who are interested in finding out about business opportunities and get market insights, please feel free to download Rising Stars in Southeast Asia ”Business Opportunity Analysis”.

Thanks from team Tick Tock Consulting!

Thai Ha Vu – Lydia Rudtio – Dao Quynh Anh – Fuengfa Mod Planberg – Vu Dieu Huyen – Peter Cederholm

The Picture – Mrs. Hoan, Son La, Vietnam (to find out more, visit Kiva.org)

Mrs. Hoan, born in 1982, is an ethnically Thai woman. She is living with her husband and her two daughters in Son La city, a subsidized unit of Son La province.

Her family lives mainly off of the pig breeding, and each year she can sell two pig herds. The income from selling pigs is just enough to cover the living expenses of the family and save a small amount. She wants to expand the breeding of pigs but she does not have enough money to buy more pigs and food for them too.

She will work hard to get the money to repay the loan for M7-MFI on time. She hopes that the loan amount will help her family invest effectively in the breeding; the pigs will grow fast and she is expecting to sell over two tons of pig meat, which will improve the living condition of her family.

This loan is special because: It provides financial and other support to families living in vulnerable communities.