As many of us know, the business opportunities in Southeast Asia are rapidly increasing in a number of industries and sectors. We are experiencing this on a daily basis. How political initiatives, economic liberalisation, a flourishing entrepreneurial environment and presence of international companies combined with a highly educated and motivated workforce, makes these opportunities very tangible.

”Rising Stars in Southeast Asia” as a title, illustrates what is happening in the region and specifically in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. With this report we want to share our experience from working hands on in the markets, with consulting projects and establishing companies. The information and analysis is based on desktop research, online questionnaires and interviews with government officials, industry experts and business executives, with a mix of multinationals and domestic companies. We have focused on those industries and sectors that we consider being most potential with:

  • Less public sector involvement in the projects, which often makes the business process tedious, price sensitive and sometimes less transparent.
  • Political initiative and support for the industry’s/sector’s development
  • Accessible to international companies
  • Increasing demand and purchasing power of customer (B2B & B2C)

The purpose is to give you relevant insights into your specific industry and sector. Hopefully the information will enable you to take a decision on which opportunities that are relevant to explore further and which market entry strategy to proceed with. There are various governmental, membership organisations and consulting firms, like Tick Tock Consulting, that can provide support and information.


Rising Stars in Southeast Asia ”Business Opportunity Analysis”

With our experience and feet on the ground ”We speed up the process”!

Enjoy the reading,


Peter Cederholm