Stockholm Chamber of Commerce organized a lunch seminar  where the report, “How can migration facilitate export and internationalization” was launched and presented. The report was published by Delmi (Delegation for migration studies) and is authored by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce chief economist, Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, together with Magnus Lodefalk, researchers in economics at Örebro University.

Åsa Westlund, MP and deputy team leader for the Social Democrats in the Industry Committee, and Lars Hjälmered, MP and nutrition policy spokesperson for the Conservatives commented and debated the report.

It turned out that migration to some extent facilitates the export and internationalization based on the material that was analyzed. Cultural diversity in Swedish companies and organizations can often increase the understanding of the international business climate. Education and skills is of course of main importance. There are many advantages for companies that succeed in taking advantage of the networks, understanding of the local market and culture. For small and medium businesses there are many opportunities to benefit more from this.