The Company

Tick Tock Consulting is a consulting firm focusing on sales and profitability. We are passionate about business development and help companies improve customer experience in an international business environment. We help our clients to increase profitability by optimising and streamlining sales processes, reduce production costs and/or reach new markets in Southeast Asia and educate companies in related areas.

Tick Tock Consulting have presence in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Sweden. Our experience and local presence in all markets makes us a profitable, flexible and agile alternative to government organisations, chamber of commerce and other consulting firms. Please contact us and download Rising Stars in Southeast Asia “Business Opportunity Analysis”.

Why Tick Tock Consulting

Because you also think it’s fun to do business and that you want to work with a company that puts the long-term and sustainable business in focus. The team has experience in international business from both large companies and startups in the private and public sectors. We have worked as consultants or operational managers in most industries, where our responsibilities had a clear connection to business development and profitability. Thus we have a very wide network of independent consultants and experts and can put together a team that can help you outside our service area and/or if we need reinforcements. This allows us to develop cost-effective solutions and be flexible in our working models.

Membership & Partnership

We are members of business associations that fosters and have an impact on the development of sustainable business, contributing to our vision. It enable us to influence and expand our network to support our clients further. We engage in partnership with companies and organisations who has a service offering that will add value to our clients.


Vision – Why we do what we do 

Business contributes to sustainable growth and development for the people, companies and the society.

Mission – What we do 

We help companies improve customer experience in an international business environment.

Values – We believe in and live what we say

Sustainability is a corner stone in our business. A sustainable approach to business operation and customer relation fosters long-term profitability.

Diversity increases our understanding, contribute to new points of view and perspectives. It facilitates international business and promotes a local and global view on society.

Creativity contributes to our ability to maintain a “can do it” attitude and find new solutions. Daring to try and to find new ways will open up for new opportunities.

Joy is an essential part of doing business and to help our customers develop their businesses. A positive approach opens up long-term relationships and partnerships.


Dieu Huyen – Vietnam Representative & Senior Consultant (Masters degree in Marketing & Advertising)

Dieu Huyen has a wide range of experience in Sales & Marketing in Vietnam, across different sectors including Construction, Manufacturing and Service, in which her clients varied from corporates to individual enduser.

  • Dieu Huyen joined Tick Tock Consulting in Vietnam in July 2017.
  • Dieu Huyen worked for EF as Senior Program Advisor from 2014 – 2016
  • Dieu Huyen worked for TOSY Robotics in different positions:
    • Sales Account Manager from 2012 – 2014
    • International PR Executive from 2011 – 2012
  • Dieu Huyen worked as Marketing Officer in Traffic Safety Project Management
    Unit in 2010

Dieu Huyen understands how it works in Vietnamese Corporations, both in private and state-owned sectors. She has an ability to get through the bureaucratic procedures and hierarchies, which is often a major challenge for foreign companies. For more information visit Dieu Huyen’s Linkedin profile. Linkedin profil.

Lydia Rudtio – Indonesia Representative & Senior Consultant (BA Hons)

Lydia has worked with sales and market entry related tasks since 2009, both in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

  • Lydia is representing Tick Tock Consulting in Indonesia since June 2015.
  • Lydia also works for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise with a focus on helping New Zealand businesses in the Indonesian market.
  • Lydia worked with Business Sweden in Indonesia from 2012 to May 2015 and helped Swedish companies in Indonesia and the region. From strategic market analysis, find partners, suppliers and manufacturers to project management and execution of major business delegations in Indonesia.
  • Previously Lydia worked for The Melium Group, Malaysia’s luxury fashion retail group, as sales assistant.
    • Take part in driving sales and reach vulnerable targets
    • Took part in the operational work

Lydia is accustomed to working with complex issues in the Indonesian market, and has an ability to get through the bureaucratic procedures and hierarchies. It is often a major challenge for foreign companies to operate. For more information visit Lydia’s Linkedin profil.

Fuengfa Mod Planberg – Thailand Representative & Consultant (M.Sc. International Marketing (in Sweden), B.A. major in English with Business Administration as a minor subject)

Mod has worked with marketing, purchasing and logistic with Swedish, International and Thai companies.

  • Mod is working for Tick Tock Consulting in Thailand since December 2015.
  • After finishing Master degree in Sweden, Mod worked at a Swedish import and distribution company between 2006 to 2015 with different roles. 
    • 2015 Marketing assistant
    • 2009-2015 Purchaser and Marketing assistant
    • 2008-2009 Logistics and event personnel
    • 2006-2008 Logistics and purchasing
  • During 2008-2009, Mod worked at The Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm as a local staff at consular section.
  • Mod worked with Swedish Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC) in Thailand between 2002 to 2005. She was helping Swedish company to find partners, suppliers and manufacturers to project management and execution of large business delegations in Thailand. She was also helping some of the companies in establishing a Thai limited company under the Board of Investment (BOI) trade promotion.

Mod has an ability to get through the bureaucratic procedures and hierarchies, which is often a major challenge for foreign companies. She is speaking Thai, English and Swedish. For more information visit Mod’s Linkedin profil.


Peter Cederholm – Founder (M.Sc, BA Hons, B.Sc)

Peter has worked with international business and business development since 2001.

  • Peter developed and managed Tick Tock Consulting, May 2015 – Dec 2018.
  • 2012 Peter established Business Sweden “Swedish trade and invest council” in Vietnam and from 2013 to 2015 he took over the responsibility for the operations in Thailand as well, including Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.
  • At PwC, Sweden, he worked between 2004-2012, where he developed business development functions, and was a management consultant focusing on process improvement, corporate governance and internal control.
  • 2004-2011 he managed YAYA AB, a creative production agency within advertising and media industry.
  • Peter has also worked at Nestlé in Switzerland, ran his own company in Hungary and worked on research projects at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

He is used to working in a variety of environments from boardrooms, official delegations and governmental context to vulnerable areas such as the slums of Delhi. For more information visit Linkedin profil.