Business Development

Have you optimized your business development processes to improve the relation with your customers?

It becomes more complex to manage sales activities when a business changes. Then it is important to work according to clear and efficient sales processes. A company  often have many points of contact with customers and a good understanding as well as management of these is important.

A well communicated and anchored sales process helps to:

  • Clarity and improved dialogue with your customers.
  • Increased understanding within your organization.
  • Employees work in a similar ways with customers.
  • Enables an efficient resource allocation at different stages in the sales process.
  • Streamline internal sales communication and monitoring.

We help you with this work, which may include:

  • Analyze current sales routines, ie, current situation “As Is” analysis.
  • Develop sales processes to suit your organization and your customers.
  • Analyze and categorize customer groups to optimize resource allocation.
  • Develop methods for the sales process.
  • Training and change management.

All companies are unique and neither the questions nor the answers are a “one size fits all”. To create understanding and clarity we follow our “Star Methodology“. The goal is to identify what can be improved or is a problem. Then we develop a suitable solution in close dialogue with you.

We look forward to developing unique, creative and inspiring methods and processes.

It is important to understand what needs a product or service offering is satisfy. Unfortunately, there are many companies that fail to offer their products and services to those customers that really need them. Selling your products and services to customers that would be better served with other solutions also involves a brand risk.

There are long-term and short-term advantages to analyze your product- and service portfolio. It increases the understanding of which customer segments that demand your services and products. Such an understanding will create opportunities for you to reprioritize and thereby increase sales and profitability. Alternatively, it confirms that the current priority is right.

Areas that we can help you with are for instance:

  • Current status “As Is” analysis of the service-/product portfolio and the customers and segments that buy today.
  • Gap analysis, identify customers that could demand additional services/products.
  • Identify customers/segments that should be given lower priority or liquidate.
  • Conduct an cross functional value proposition analysis to identify new customers and segments domestically and internationally.

All companies are unique and neither the questions nor the answers are a “one size fits all”. To create understanding and clarity we follow our “Star Methodology“. The goal is to increase your sales and profitability by adjusting your value proposition and focus on the right customer segments.

We look forward to developing unique, creative and inspiring methods and processes.

It is important to analyze and understand what drives profitability. A large customer are not necessarily more profitable than a smaller customer. Cost of sales may be so high that the margin decrease significantly. Large companies and prestigious customers can naturally create other values than just monetary; brand building, presence in a strategically important market or segment etc.

Here are a number of issues that should be taken into consideration and we can assist with further analysis of:

  • Cost of sales, what sales efforts are required in time, resources and other costs.
  • What is the customer’s payment behavior out.
  • Does the  customers often require product, service or delivery adjustments.

It is important to create an awareness within the organization about what drives profitability. It is also important to inform the customer if problem exists, they might act in an unfavorable manner without directly being aware of it.

All companies are unique and neither the questions nor the answers are a “one size fits all”. To create understanding and clarity we follow our “Star Methodology“. The goal is to increase the profitability of your customer relationships and focus on the right customers.

We look forward to developing unique, creative and inspiring methods and processes.



International business

Do you benefit from globalization and create tangible value for you and your customers? We are experts on South East Asia. Please feel free to download the Business Opportunity Analysis Rising Stars in Southeast Asia.          rising-stars-in-southeast-asia-business-opportunity-analysis

The international perspective should be taken into account early in a company’s strategic- and operational plan. It can be a part of or a result of a “Value proposition and customer segment analysis”, as described above. Today, as we all know, the largest growth is seen in the emerging and developing countries. It is important to identify where growth is seen internationally, in which markets is demand increasing and where are there comparative advantages for manufacturing and sourcing. This kind of information is important for a company’s short- and long-term strategic decisions.

We would recommend a sequential analysis with clear decision points (Go/No Go):

  1. Region-Based Market and Segment analysis for a selected number of countries.
  2. In depth analysis of selected markets and segments.
  3. You decide which market you should focus on.
    • Next step “Sourcing and Partner Search or establishment Analysis and Implementation”, see below.

We follow generally accepted strategy and market analysis methodologies and include additional market specific parameters to get a nuanced and correct picture.

Manufacturing and service outsourcing  continuously moves to new countries and markets where the comparative advantages increases. Countries rapidly move  on the global value chain when their technical capabilities improve. Access to raw materials, components, skilled labor, automation in production, laws and regulations, distribution flows and new free trade agreements etc. are continuously changing. Language, cultural differences, business ethics, bureaucracy and so on are more and more adapted to a global business climate.

Three major advantages of placing production and service outsourcing in other countries:

  • Lower costs
  • Proximity to the future customers
  • Understanding of new trends

We can help you with a sourcing analysis and an assessment of:

  • Which country has the kind of production or service that you require.
  • Based on your specific wishes conduct a search of partners (manufacturers, service, agent).
    1. Create a general list of possible partners
    2. Qualify prospective partners
    3. Visit selected companies

There are a number of options available that should be analyzed before deciding which business setup to choose. Common registration forms and questions we can help you with are:

  • Agents/Dealers – enables you to test a market with a small investment. It is important to make a careful Due Diligence of the agent/distributor and weigh a number of options against each other.
  • Representative offices – this is a small investment and risk, however it gives you limited opportunities to pursue a complete business. Usually it is only a “cost center,” ie, the representative office may not conduct sales, billing etc. but only have the right to provide product information to your customers and/or agent/distributor. Thus, it is important to be fully aware of the limitations and the goals you have with your establishment in the short and long term.
  • Branch Office – having a branch office demands more from your current business, in terms of time of operation, turnover, international presence, employees etc. This often differs between countries and requires a specific analysis as to whether this may be an appropriate form of establishment.
  • Joint ventures – In many countries it is a requirement that your local business (JV) has a local partner that owns a minimum of 51%. There are ways to solve it by having several partners who have a smaller share than you. Regardless, it is important to ensure that they contribute to your business with contacts and potentially direct expertise. Shareholders Agreements are very important even if any legal proceedings rarely are to the foreign owner’s advantage. Thus, a careful due diligence of the partners is very important.
  • Wholly owned subsidiaries – often require major investments to make this possible and of course, it varies between countries. Sometimes countries require that you have more than one type of business operation in the country to be able to conduct sales e.g. manufacturing, sometimes assembly is enough, service, research and development etc.

The possibility of being a fully owned company and how much you are entitled to own of the joint venture will vary between industries. More critical industries that are linked to natural resources, infrastructure, IT and telecom and health care is more difficult to have a greater participation in. The possibilities are greater in the service sector and light/Low Tech manufacturing with export focus. What matters is how much knowledge and capital that is transferred to the country and how many jobs that are created.


Education – Workshops, seminars and inspiration

Are all employees aware of how they contribute to improved relations with your customers?

Getting employees committed and working in the same direction is often challenging. Creating the right commitment and drive is something every company strives for. Employees are equally interested in contributing to the company’s and the group’s success. Clear and inspiring communication and followup through the organization is the key.

An efficient company including its employees have full understanding of the goals and objectives. They know which activities that creates result and is committed to reaching the goals.

We develop a workshop based on our “Star Methodology”  that will help you improve the goal execution. We will focus on the areas with the greatest need for improvement and develop a customized workshop based on that.

Todays connectivity challenges your management capability! Get the additional tools and insights to improve!

Being constantly connected and have an excess flow of information is increasing the challenges managers and leaders face. We create systems and methods to help us priorities and focus. Is that enough and is it the right way? Are there other ways to improve your management and leadership skills?

Mindful Management, both in your personal and professional life, is becoming more and more important. Creating an awareness of how our mind works and establish a mindfulness in our day to day life will increase our capabilities to manage both work and leisure! Developing these skills is within everyones reach and not complicated in itself.

The workshop is inspirational in its character and includes:

  • Management challenges in a connected world
  • Framework for management and personal development
  • Insight stories from a Buddhist temple
  • The development of Mindful Management from 26 days of silence
  • Practical exercises to use at work and at home to develop Mindful Management
  • Educational in a fun way

If you are interested in finding out more and how we can develop a workshop for your employees, customers, partners and friends. Please contact us!

One way to amplify yourself – Mindful Management!

A business deal is reached when seller’s and buyer’s “utility” meet, this is the basis of microeconomic theory. As a seller, it is important to focus on adding value to the customer – help the customer. Relationship and strategic sales techniques are critical when exhibiting how value is created for the customer and for you.

The key is to keep an open dialogue about the value your product/service add and the value that the customer demands. There are of course different techniques depending on the complexity of the product/service and the customer’s decision making process.

We adapt our sales training based on your company’s business development process and methodology. If you do not have sales processes and methodology, then we can help you develop it. The goal is to create a sales behavior where “value – A helping mindset” is the focus.

It is important to have a global perspective when working with companies social responsibilities. It will increase the understanding and co-operation between various stakeholders.

The seminar gives a perspective from the slums of Delhi. How challenging environments increase the need for deeper understanding of the underlying complexity. How different actors can work together to achieve common goals. This is a seminar where you get insight to the life of Delhi’s unregistered slums as well as manufacturing industries in India, Southeast Asia and China. The aim is to:

  • Discuss your company’s presence in complex markets
  • What are the challenges you face
  • What risks should you watch out for
    • Some will be handled and others not
    • Be critical in an appropriate way
  • What to consider when selecting partners or manufacturer

Be 120% of yourself if you wish to reach the audience with your message. This applies to official situations, as workshop leaders, larger/smaller presentations etc. Naturally this has to be placed in a national and cultural context. It is important to be aware of techniques that can be used to amplify and clarify your message. Below are some contexts and issues:

  • It is important to be aware of the formalities and codes in official and formal situations, both in national and in international environments. Business delegations main objective is to create business opportunities, therefore it is important to take advantage of this opportunity and act accordingly. Formalities are an important part and it is equally important that you present your company in an appropriate and vigorous way when the opportunity is given.
  • How to  act as workshop leader to get everyone involved. How you handle potentially negative and challenging questions and comments in an advantageous way.
  • How to own and lead a presentation, making a natural flow and creating a feeling that you know 40-50 slides, even if it is the first time you present it. There are many technical options available that simplify and reinforce the message. The changes will have substantial impact on the presentation.

We have many years of experience from educating and conduct presentations, workshops and official meetings. We can coach you and train in specific presentations, workshops and meeting techniques.