Manufacturer search in Malaysia and Indonesia for an American Kitchen Cabinet Company

Tick Tock Consulting conducted a Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer search in Malaysia and Indonesia for RiverRun Cabinetry.

River Run Cabinetry is an American company that specializes in the building, assembly, and distribution of beautifully-crafted cabinetry and casework. The company is rapidly growing and as a result of this growth and recent trade restrictions with China, RiverRun was looking for suitable manufacturers in Malaysia and Indonesia after the successful search in Vietnam. For RiverRun to get deeper insight and understanding of the current status of the industry in Malaysia and Indonesia they asked Tick Tock Consulting for assistance. The focus of the project was to find high quality Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers.

The project consisted of three steps:

  1. Broad Search: Provide RiverRun with a long list of Kitchen Cabinet manufacturers and thereby give them an understanding of the potential availability in Malaysia and Indonesia. It enabled them to make a Go/No Go decision early on and before further steps are taken to contact and qualify the manufacturers.
    1. Deliverable: Contact list with potential manufacturers with basic general company information.
  2. Manufacturer Qualification: The manufacturers were contacted and interviewed to find out if they meet RiverRun’s requirements and have the capability and willingness to manufacture the Kitchen Cabinets. It provided RiverRun with a deep knowledge of the actual availability of manufacturers meeting the requirements and also understand the market better. It enabled them to make a Go / No Go decision whether to set up meetings and visit some manufacturers.
    1. Deliverable: Qualified list of potential manufacturers with detailed information suitable meeting RiverRun’s requirements.