International Expansion

The international perspective should be taken into account early in a company’s strategic- and operational plan. Today, as we all know, the largest growth is seen in the emerging and developing countries. It is important to identify where growth is seen internationally, in which markets is demand increasing and where are there comparative advantages for manufacturing and sourcing. This kind of information is important for a company’s short- and long-term strategic decisions.

We would recommend a sequential analysis with clear decision points (Go/No Go):

  1. Region-Based Market and Segment analysis for a selected number of countries.
  2. In depth analysis of selected markets and segments.
  3. You decide which market you should focus on.
    • Next step “Sourcing and Partner Search or establishment Analysis and Implementation”, see below.

We follow generally accepted strategy and market analysis methodologies and include additional market specific parameters to get a nuanced and correct picture.

Tick Tock Consultings team have supported several companies with their international expansion in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lithuania and Sweden.

Please have a look at Rising Stars in Southeast Asia – A Business Opportunity Analysis.


The corner stones to become Customer Centric Organisation (IRL & Digital) are the interaction and alignment between Business Development and Marketing & Communication!

Regardless of the size of the organisation, these processes needs to be considered either jointly or separately defined, all depending on the organisation’s need of structure. A Startup will need to focus on other aspects than defining processes whereas a larger organisation needs processes to create efficiency and a common way of working.

Business Development, Marketing & Communication are Cost of Sales, hence the more efficient and tailored they are to an organisation and it’s customer the larger the Return on Investment in streamlining the processes. The more in the center the processes are the more cross functional between BD and MarCom (see framework).


Star leadership and execution

Create commitment, focus on what’s important and measure it in a positive way. Getting employees committed and working in the same direction is often challenging. Creating the right commitment and drive is something every company strives for. Employees are equally interested in contributing to the company’s and the group’s success. Clear and inspiring communication and followup through the organisation is the key.

We develop a workshop based on our Strategy and Execution Model that will help you improve your goal achievement. We will focus on the areas with the greatest need for improvement and develop a customised workshop based on that.

Sales – A Force for Good

A business deal is reached when seller’s and buyer’s “utility” meet, this is the basis of microeconomic theory. As a seller, it is important to focus on adding value to the customer – help the customer. Relationship and strategic sales techniques are critical when exhibiting how value is created for the customer and for you.

We adapt our sales training based on your company’s business development process and methodology. If you do not have sales processes and methodology, then we can help you develop it. The goal is to create a sales behaviour where “value – A helping mindset” is the focus.

Sustainability in reality – An Asia perspective

It is important to have a global perspective when working with companies social responsibilities. It will increase the understanding and co-operation between various stakeholders.

The seminar gives a perspective from the slums of Delhi. How challenging environments increase the need for deeper understanding of the underlying complexity. How different actors can work together to achieve common goals. This is a seminar where you get insight to the life of Delhi’s unregistered slums as well as manufacturing industries in India, Southeast Asia and China. The aim is to:

  • Discuss your company’s presence in complex markets
  • What are the challenges you face
  • What risks should you watch out for
    • Some will be handled and others not
    • Be critical in an appropriate way
  • What to consider when selecting partners or manufacturer

120% you – Amplify your presentation- and meeting technique.

Be 120% of yourself if you wish to reach the audience with your message. This applies to official situations, as workshop leaders, larger/smaller presentations etc. Naturally this has to be placed in a national and cultural context. It is important to be aware of techniques that can be used to amplify and clarify your message.

We have many years of experience from educating and conduct presentations, workshops and official meetings. We can coach you and train in specific presentations, workshops and meeting techniques.

Mindful Personal Management

Mindful Management, both in your personal and professional life, is becoming more and more important. Creating an awareness of how our mind works and establish a mindfulness in our day to day life will increase our capabilities to manage both work and leisure! Developing these skills is within everyones reach and not complicated in itself.

The workshop is inspirational in its character and includes:

  • Management challenges in a connected world
  • Framework for management and personal development
  • Insight stories from a Buddhist temple
  • The development of Mindful Management from 26 days of silence
  • Practical exercises to use at work and at home to develop Mindful Management
  • Education in a fun way

If you are interested in finding out more and how we can develop a workshop for your employees, customers, partners and friends. Please contact us!