Market Analysis and Distributor Search in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand for a Security Company

Inferno appointed Tick Tock Consulting in January 2017 as the consulting firm to provide support in the Market Entry process with a Market Analysis and Distributor Search in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. 

Inferno is a world leader in advanced, high-efficiency audio and light security products and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Inferno have a range of clients and collaborating partners around the world, from civil and military organisations. The growth in Southeast Asia is rapidly increasing and the demand for advanced security solutions as well.

The objective of the Market Analysis and Distributor search:

  1. Market Analysis and Broad Search: To quickly understand the market and the demand for advanced security products. Identify potential distributors in the country.
  2. Distributor Qualification: To qualify the identified distributors and get a thorough understanding if they meet Inferno’s detailed requirements and also have the capability as well as willingness to be distributor. 
  3. Meeting Program: To meet with the qualified distributors and discuss further details and see if there is a ”fit”. 

The key deliverables of the project:

  1. Market Analysis and Broad Search: Based on Inferno’s distributor requirements we screened relevant industry associations, industrial zones, industry exhibitions, available databases, potential phone registries, personal contacts and extended networks etc. This was used to understand the potential demand for the products. The information was compiled in a list with basic company information e.g distributor category, company size, year in operation, general telephone and contact details. This step included limited direct contact with the potential distributors. We continuously had project meetings with Inferno where we remove/add distributors and decide which are potential to the qualifying step of Distributors.
  2. Distributor Qualification: We qualified around 20-45 distributors per country with detailed information on how they meet Inferno’s requirements, contact information to the responsible persons within the companies as well as additional relevant information. When it was suitable and desired then we arrange with telephone conferences with distributors to clarify certain areas prior to a meeting program.
  3. Meeting Program: The meeting program took place during two weeks in August and Inferno met wit 4-6 potential distributors in each country. The first orders are already placed and distributor contracts are negotiated in all markets.