Market Support to a Swedish Mobile Infrastructure company in Indonesia

The Government of Indonesia continues to push national connectivity despite the global economic slowdown and its impact on many developing countries in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia both infrastructure and broadband is among the nations national priorities. The digital momentum in Indonesia shows that the demand for data will grow significantly in the next coming years. Mobile telecom operators are investing to increase their CAPEX to modernize their current network infrastructure as well as building up new infrastructure in order to provide more advanced services to its subscribers.

Tick Tock Consulting in Indonesia is currently providing market support and assistance to Swedish mobile infrastructure company in penetrating the Indonesian market. Our client acknowledged that having local partner alone may not be enough; this is where Tick Tock Consulting takes part to speed up the process on behalf of our client in doing business locally. The complexity is also increased as a result of both private and public sector involvement in Indonesia. 

The objective of the project:

We are working directly with our Swedish client and we collaborate and and work closely with the client’s Indonesian partner to support both parties in the process and dialogues with the public sector stakeholders. We give second opinion as well as working as a Project Management Office (PMO). Some of actions that Tick Tock Consulting does in Indonesia are as below:

  1. Participate and represent client in meetings with potential customers and vendors
  2. Gather insight on current market condition including competitors presence, customers’ expectations etc.
  3. Build business strategy together with our client to showcase their competitive advantages
  4. Act as local Project Management Office (PMO)

The key deliverables of the project:

Tick Tock Consulting involvement in the project has strengthen the collaboration and create clearer way of communication between our client, the local partner and key public stakeholders.