Pharma & Medical Device Market Support

Tick Tock Consulting conducts local Market Support in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand for Pharmacure, a Swedish company developing Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Device. We initially completed a Market Analysis and Distributor Search for Pharmacure. They then saw the need for Tick Tock Consulting’s local Market Support to establish the business relationship with the Distributors and speedup the process.

Pharmacure is a Swedish company that develop, market and distribute pharmaceuticals and medical devices globally. Pharmacure focuses their expansion in Asia and other emerging markets. Pharmacure sell their products through distributors and appoints distributors in each country that they operates in. Pharmacure produce their products in Sweden, Denmark and Spain.

The objective and deliverables of the Market Support:

Tick Tock Consulting act as Pharmacure’s local representative in the market to ensure that the relationship is maintained and that the business is developed according to expectations with the appointed and future distributors. The market support include, but is not limited to:

  1. Local project management office
  2. Support during contract negotiation
  3. Interpretation and local business ethics/culture
  4. Distributor and key stakeholder dialogues
  5. Product registration
  6. Dialogues with the government, customs and authorities
  7. Local representative for Pharmacure and first point of contact for distributors
    1. Introduce new products to distributors
    2. Educate distributors sales force
    3. Follow up on sales development to ensure it’s in line with or above market growth
  8. When needed identify new distributors for new products or replacing underperforming distributors
  9. Etc