Successful Star Strategy workshop at Transcendent Group’s GRC day

Tick Tock Consulting and Peter Cederholm presented the Star Strategy, an inspiring approach and methodology on how to implement strategy and goal achievement, at Transcendent Group’s Governance, Risk and Compliance day the 19th of May.

“Peter is an inspiring speaker and has experiences of executing on strategic goals both personally and within companies/departments he’s managed. Tick Tock Consulting’s Star Strategy is a model that both is engaging and is a good tool for companies/departments and people wanting to implement current or new strategies and reach desired goals.

The participants were engaged and had opportunities to further discuss the model and understand the required changes.

All were very much motivated by the Peter’s experiences, practical stories and the energy.

I can truly recommend this workshop format for those wanting to reach new strategies and goals.” Christian Hekmati, GRC Tech and ERP Service Leader, Transcendent Group

What Star Strategy can help you with

Getting employees committed and working in the same direction is often challenging. Creating the right commitment and drive is something every company strives for. Employees are equally interested in contributing to the company’s and the group’s success. Clear and inspiring communication and followup through the organization is the key.

An efficient company including its employees have full understanding of the goals and objectives. They know which activities that creates result and is committed to reaching the goals.

Please contact us to get information about Star Strategy and how the method can be helpful in your future strategic planning and operational implementation. We will gladly help you and a customized model for your company.