Sweden Market Entry for a Lithuanian Loan Management Software Company

Tick Tock Consulting identify and introduce Creditonline, a Lithuanian Loan Management Software Company, to potential Banks and Financial Institutions in Sweden. 

Creditonline was interested in exploring the potential business opportunities in Sweden. CreditOnline is a future-proof lending technology designed to boost business capacity to auto complete the loan management processes by creating seamless financing experiences globally. They hired Tick Tock Consulting to provide local support in Sweden.

The objective of the project:

  1. Company introduction: Contact and introduce the Creditonline to top Banks and Financial Institutions in Sweden and getting them interested in products and services.
  2. Product presentations: Arrange and participate in meetings with potential partners.

The key deliverables of the project:

  1. Scanning the market and creating a potential partner list of 41 companies with total of 134 key stakeholders within these companies
  2. Presentations to 6 companies and partner discussions.
  3. Followup and continued support.