Tech Company Thailand Market Entry Support

Tick Tock Consulting give second opinion, identify additional publishers and arrange meeting program in Thailand for a Swedish Tech company 

Media houses and publishers in Southeast Asia are experiencing a rapid growth in the demand for online availability of their editorial content, both written and video, to further engage the audience. The availability and quality of mobile internet is developing quickly and the number of potential users are increasing dramatically. The challenge is how to create profitable revenue streams from their content. As a result the demand for content management and publishing platforms is increasing. 

A Swedish Tech company was interested in further investigating the potential business opportunities in Thailand. They currently provide an Online Video Platform (OVP) and professional services to major publishers and broadcasters who deliver video and live broadcasts on Internet. They hired Tick Tock Consulting, via Spotting Business, to provide local support in Thailand.

The objective of the project:

  1. Company introduction: Contact and introduce the Tech company to top publishers in Thailand and getting them interested in products and services.
  2. Market visit/meeting program: Arrange and participate in a meeting program.

The key deliverables of the project:

Tick Tock Consulting in Thailand worked on below areas in parallel:

  1. Gathering more detailed information about the media houses and publishers provided by the client.
  2. Give a second opinion on the companies provided by the client and add additional media houses and publishers that would benefit from the our client’s OVP.
  3. Qualify the companies through direct contact companies to introduce the client and gather further information about their current OVP solution and potential interest in our clients solution.
  4. Arrange and participate in the meeting program, giving local market advice and translation.