The Mindful Lawyer – White & Case leading the way

White & Case invest in their lawyers and give them a perspective on how Mindful Personal Management can contribute to their efficiency and wellbeing in their hectic and demanding working environment.

Being a highly skilled lawyer working with challenging business transactions and disputes, is demanding. White & Case is a global law firm with presence in 26 countries with 39 offices. The Swedish practice is specialized in Mergers and Acquisition, Capital Markets, Banking and Disputes working on the most complex transactions in Scandinavia.

During the lunch seminar I was running through a the Mindful Personal Management workshop giving them insights on how meditation can impact performance and the everyday wellbeing. We had an interactive dialogue and they got to try Vipassana meditation (walking and sitting).

“An inspiring and fun workshop that gave us new perspectives. I feel, after working at the law firm for more than 25 years, that the need for these skills and perspectives are ever increasing. At White & Case the work can be stressful and therefore these skills are useful for our lawyers. It was a very professional workshop that is well tailored for people within professional services and high achievers. Thanks Peter for sharing your insights, story and teaching us new skills!” Ulf Johansson, Executive Partner, White & Case, Stockholm

Mindful Personal Management

Mindful Management, both in your personal and professional life, is becoming more and more important. Creating an awareness of how our mind works and establish a mindfulness in our day to day life will increase our capabilities to manage both work and leisure! Developing these skills is within everyones reach and not complicated in itself.

The workshop is inspirational in its character and includes:

  • Management challenges in a connected world
  • Framework for management and personal development
  • Insight stories from a Buddhist temple
  • The development of Mindful Management from 26 days of silence
  • Practical exercises to use at work and at home to develop Mindful Management
  • Education in a fun way

If you are interested in finding out more and how we can develop a workshop for your employees, customers, partners and friends. Please contact us!

One way to amplify yourself – Mindful Management!