Market analysis and manufacturer search for a leading children toys brand/manufacturer

The manufacturing of children toys and other low tech manufacturing is moving from China to Southeast Asia, including plastic-, wooden-, textile- and soft/plush toys.

The company is a leading Swedish children toy brand/manufacturer with globally well-known brands and with a long history of manufacturing high quality toys, dating back to the 1940-ties. The discussions – if, when and what products to start manufacturing in Vietnam – had been going on for some time and a board/management decision was needed. For them to get more insight and understanding of the current status of the industry in Vietnam they asked Tick Tock Consulting for assistance. The focus on this project would be on the manufacturing of soft/plush toys.

The objective of the project:

  1. To deliver first-hand market information on the Plush Toy manufacturing capabilities in Vietnam.
  2. To enable the Swedish toy brand/manufacturer to take the decision: If and when to move Plush Toy manufacturing to Vietnam.

The key deliverables of the project:

  1. Market analysis with first-hand information on the Plush Toy manufacturing capabilities in Vietnam
  2. Specific company information on Plush toy manufacturers:
    1. Manufacturing certificates
    2. Price quotations
    3. Lead times and order quantities
    4. Exporting experience to Europe and USA
    5. Logistical experience and capability
    6. Ability and willingness to start manufacturing according to requirements