Stakeholder- and Opportunity Mapping for engineering company in Vietnam and Indonesia

Tick Tock Consulting conduct a stakeholder- and opportunity mapping and analysis in Indonesia and Vietnam on behalf of a Swedish and Swiss engineering company with international operations.

The demand for transport infrastructure and operational capabilities and expertise is rapidly increasing in South East Asia, where two strongly developing counties are Vietnam and Indonesia. Projects are often very long term and complex in nature, involving a number of stakeholders from the Government and Municipal side as project sponsors – Development Banks (ADB, WB, AIIB etc), trade finance, donor nation finance and commercial banks as financing body – the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) companies and Project Managers that are liaising with all vendors.

The objective of the project:

The Swedish and Swiss engineering company have extensive experience within their sector and are used to work with projects in challenging markets. They also know the importance of knowing the right stakeholders and getting first-hand information on ongoing and upcoming projects.

Prior to taking further actions in Indonesia and Vietnam, they hired Tick Tock Consulting to conduct a stakeholder- and opportunity mapping and analysis in the markets which included:

  1. Project Search: Identify relevant rail projects, PPP and BOT projects with some funding from development banks.
  2. Stakeholder Mapping: Identify key people in the respective projects or organizations to enable dialogues with the right people.
  3. Meetings: Conduct preparatory meetings with relevant people and potential partners.

The key deliverables of the project:

A substantial Report consisting of an Opportunity analysis with related Stakeholder Map. The report included:

  1. Relevant rail projects, either soon to open for tenders or when a project owner/consultant recently was appointed (won the tender).
  2. Key stakeholders for the different rail projects within the government, financing bodies and consulting firms.
  3. First hand information from meetings with Key Stakeholders with insights from the status of the projects and the need for certain expertise, that our client would be able to provide.

The client used the report and analysis during the management discussions and decisions related to the market strategies for Vietnam and Indonesia as well as preparation before planned meetings in the market.